Zimmermann’s dedication to sustainability


  • We are the sector’s most sustainable company and climate positive.
  • We push ahead with the actual improvement of our CO2 footprint rather than compensation measures.
  • We develop solutions for sustainable yarns.
  • We turn waste into raw materials in the sense of circular economy.

Social commitment

  • We are the most attractive employer that gives meaning to the action of its employees.
  • We are committed to our employees and the society.
  • We live and breathe our values and promote diversity.


  • Clear will and responsibility of partners and management.
  • We use the depth of our value chains and see our influence as a valuable chance.
  • We are innovative and develop sustainable business models for our customers.
  • We maintain our long-term independent success.

Sustainable thinking and action – for a modern and future-oriented company like Zimmermann, it is not only a commitment but a matter of course. With its numerous sustainable measures, the company has already proven that this responsible approach is not only a theory.

Zimmermann’s staff members, for instance, consciously do without plastic cups and observe strict waste separation at work. Paper consumption has been significantly reduced over the past year too, which resulted in cost and plastic savings.

Another essential progress in terms of sustainability consists in significant reduction in CO2 emissions achieved by saving on yarn spools.

Zimmermann strives to push ahead with its sustainable thinking and action also in the future and is therefore taking numerous other steps aimed to implement further ecologically responsible measures again this year. Among other things, Zimmermann is planning to further promote paper-free working, to bundle deliveries to major customers in the future, and to become more efficient and sustainable in spools purchasing. In the future, paper sleeves will be opted for, and the yarn and sleeve waste will be sold for recycling purposes.

Be sustainable

At ZIMMERMANN, we stand for value-oriented corporate management with high-quality services for our customers and partners.
As part of the GEIGER Group, we are committed to the GEIGER mission.