Great collaboration with LYCRA

We have integrated the new innovation from LYCRA, the LYCRA® T903C fiber, which was specially developed for medical compression applications, into our high-performance yarns. The fiber is characterized by some unique characteristics. Find out more in this article.

Farewell to Managing Director Hans-Peter Mauch

Hans-Peter Mauch can look back on a full 16138 days of Zimmermann experience when he went into well-earned retirement at the end of last year. 

Growing up as the oldest son of an Allgäu farmer, he initially trained as a wholesale merchant before joining Zimmermann as a sales representative in 1979. A few years later, he was promoted to Sales Manager and was appointed Managing Director in 1989. 

Over the past four decades, he and his team have successfully mastered many challenges for the company. "We have never stood still, we have seized opportunities and followed trends. We will continue on this path," said Hans-Peter Mauch, before bidding farewell at the end of last year and handing over the symbolic spool to his successor Michael Schmidt. 

We would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank you very much" for your tireless commitment, vision and entrepreneurial courage!

We wish you all the best for your new phase of life and, above all, good health so that you can enjoy your free time in the mountains and all over the world!

Apprenticeship at ZIMMERMANN

Behind the scenes. Powerd by Geiger Azubi-Reporter


Exciting experience abroad at Geiger / ZIMMERMANN DYNA Yarn: Lara not only experienced an exciting stay abroad in the USA as part of the trainee program. She returned for a further eight weeks in the summer to support the team on site with the ERP system implementation.
Read her full experience report and why such experiences are so valuable for Lara.

Bobbin handover with proven precision

Reporting by Südwesttextil e.V.

Modernization of our production machines

We are continuously replacing our existing machines with state-of-the-art winding and covering machines. This enriches our production with fewer machine downtimes and reliable quality and also leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption. Our latest arrivals are two fully electronic covering machines from Ratti and OMM.has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s.


Join us for our presentation on Wednesday, September 13th, at 2:00 p.m.Our North American market operations team will lead discussion on Yarn Innovation during the Stoll by KMNA TEXTILE INNOVATION CONFERENCE September 12th – 14th in Greensboro, North Carolina. We will emphasize the role of hollow spindle covering and the wide range of possible yarn combinations which can play an integral part for any knitting or weaving innovation. In addition to the diverse range of products produced by Zimmermann Group, presentation will include updates on the full product line we offer from Schoeller GmbH & CoKG.This event offers three days of discussions, presentations and activities around machine demonstrations attended by experts and industry leaders from throughout the North American market.Hope to see you there!For questions and interest about the event, please contact


Thank you Südwesttextil e.V. for your congratulations!We are very proud to be part of such a dedicated, strong and diverse association.

Once upon a time: Simmerberg 1963

Watch out for ZIMMERMANN at 1:04 Min.Thank you BR Retro ARD Mediathek & Das Erste

Selvedges aren't waste!

Interesting and sustainable project by Petersen Boissel with fabric selvedges covered by ZIMMERMANN.

Further Information:

Zimmermann renews company headquarters

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Zimmermann will be under new management by the end of the year

After 44 years with yarn manufacturer Zimmermann, Managing Director Hans-Peter Mauch has announced his retirement by the end of the year. Mauch, who took over the company’s management in 1989, has continuously advanced the company over the past decades and expandedits market position nationally and internationally. From 90 employees and a regional site in Weiler-Simmerberg, the company has grown to a total of 170 employees over the years. The company has two branches in Aichach and North Carolina (USA) and a licensing partner in Brazil. The headquartersare located in Weiler-Simmerberg. “By focusing on a niche market and being able to serve it with two international sites, we have succeeded in creating a unique selling point,” describes Hans-Peter Mauch the company's development. He is convinced that Zimmermann is headed to a promising future and is pleased to beable to hand over the company into capable hands at the end of the year. He will be succeeded by Michael Schmidt, who has also been working in the industry for many years. The 54-year-old graduate engineer has valuable industry experience and has set himself the goal of continuing the company's market success in a future-oriented manner and in line with its values and guidelines.


We are pleased to welcome Will McGowen as the new CEO of ZIMMERMANN DYNAYARN.During his first visit, he got to know our Zimmermann head office in Simmerberg and was welcomed at the headquarters of Geiger Gruppe in Oberstdorf by Josef Geiger 2.

Will joins our team in Graham, North Carolina, after nine years of broad textile experience with Shawmut and Glen Raven. Prior to his work in textiles, He served in the U.S. Army, and has a Bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Elon University. Will is excited to grow the U.S. operation and further the integration within Zimmermann Group. 

We wish you a great start and hope to welcome you back to southern Germany soon!

70 Years Zimmermann

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We are rebuilding

New year - new adventure: We are lucky to have the active support and know-how of our experienced colleagues at Geiger Gruppe – so it promises to be great.

QA and Sales: Daniela Köhler

It is time to introduce you Daniela Köhler. Daniela is our QA Manager since nine years. During this time, she has continuously expanded our quality assurance and quality management and developed it further in close cooperation with our customers.
With her broad experience and technical know-how she will now additionally support our sales team.
We sincerely thank you for your inspiring enthusiasm and your support and wish you much pleasure and success in your new tasks.

New Head of Product Development: Dennis Herpich

Today we would like to introduce our new development manager Dennis Herpich. Dennis has already been part of our Zimsi team since 2014. After working in production for 2.5 years, he moved to our development department. As a trained automotive mechatronics technician, he came to the textile industry as a career changer. He took the opportunity for further professional training and graduated as a master textile technician in 2021. With his versatile experience and practical background, Dennis Herpich is not only a competent contact for technical questions, but also an excellent trainer for our technical trainees. We are proud being able to fill this position with you as a long-time employee and look forward to many more creative years with you!Dennis has started his new position full of enthusiasm and is looking forward to new projects and development topics. So feel free to contact our sepcialist with your requests.

Techtex: Covering-technology for industrial yarns

Have you already heard about our technical covered yarns? A handout with more detailed information can be found in the download area under products. For your customized solution please contact us!

Welcome Sami Mirhosseyni!

Having worked for many years as production manager of the knitting department at Right Arian Farmed, Sami brings a lot of experience in compression stockings and will support our product development with her knowhow.

We are very honored that you moved with your husband to Bavaria, and we are looking forward to a great cooperation!

Welcome Ulrika Grath!

Ulrika joined us as part of her studies in "Textile Technology - Textile Management (B.Eng.)" at Reutlingen University. After her industrial semester in our quality assurance department, she wrote her bachelor thesis about covered carbon for carbon reinforced concrete.

Having graduated, she will now support us in product management.

We are happy to have you back in our team and wish you a pleasant start!

Welcome to our team!

Akhmet Alagöz will complete his apprenticeship as production mechanic for textile sector at ZIMMERMANN in the next three years. During this time, he will get to know all areas of production as well as production planning, maintenance workshop, logistics, product development and quality assurance.

We wish you a successful start and look forward to supporting and accompanying our specialist of tomorrow on his journey.

SPOTLIGHT: New talent powers promising future for Zimmermann

Die Lycra Company interviewte kürzlich Ibrahim Soenmez, Vertriebsleiter bei Zimmermann:

Can you briefly introduce the company and share what’s coming up?

Our mix of tenured talent and newer team members underscores our excitement to face new challenges. Andreas Netzer, who joined as our new commercial director, will design lean and fast processes. We also have a group of young textile engineers who are experts in compression yarns. As the new sales manager, I have more than six years of experience in the textile industry, a passion for the company and an open mindset. My goal is to use innovation and networking to lead our customers and Zimmermann to success. It’s exciting to be part of a new chapter in Zimmermann’s long, rich history. I am proud to learn from, and build on, the heritage and expertise of Wilhelm Dehmer. Zimmermann is a pioneer of covered yarns in the medical area and we would like to prove that we can create value and benefits for our customers.

What do your customers expect from the new team?

Our customers value our passion and 70 years of experience. The industry is changing rapidly, which means we must respond to new circumstances and challenges. Those who do not adapt will quickly disappear. My vision is to provide our customers with positive surprises. Our technical team is improving our workflow to support the latest Ratti-covering technology by a new yarn-winder generation, as well as digital transformation. Our sales and administration teams are pursuing shorter lead times for dyed yarns and new yarn combinations. We want to create the future of innovative compression yarn manufacturing with our customers. This is one of my main responsibilities. We are a global player with a great network. Our vision is to use our networking skills together with modern innovations. We are more than a yarn producer; we act as a service provider and problem-solver for our customers. Our values are rooted in sustainability.

What makes Zimmermann unique?

Zimmermann has a long history. We’re famous for our innovative approach to producing compression yarns. We are the only producer in the world with an international organization with production sites in Germany, the United States and Brazil. Values such as quality, precision and passion are in our DNA. We know that in order to drive long-term success, we must constantly reinvent ourselves. Over the years, we have built expertise across different industries. Our sense of quality is appreciated, for example, in conductive or carbon yarns and other technical applications. We also are delivering high-quality yarns for socks, narrows or flat knitting yarns. LYCRA® fiber plays an important role in the core of our yarns. We can create yarns with no constriction, waves or sliding. It provides excellent comfort customers can feel.

What role does The LYCRA Company/LYCRA® fiber play in the development of your products?

The LYCRA Company plays a significant role in our supply chain. The company has always supported us by collaborating in the development within the medical hosiery market. As an example, the right ingredients are needed to prepare a healthy meal. The LYCRA Company provides us with high-quality materials we need for our compression yarns, which help consumers heal—and help build our customers’ reputation. To achieve high-quality yarns, every parameter is highly important. Therefore, the sense of quality is extremely crucial. Zimmermann’s quality management is done in a laboratory and through several processes adapted according to guidelines. High-quality product s demand high-quality components. The LYCRA Company is well known in the market for their T-902C and T-162C compression yarns, which are made with fitting parameters to drive new developments in the medical hosiery sector.

How do you see sustainability, and what is your path forward?

We all play a significant role when it comes to sustainability. A healthier environment requires change and action. We must start thinking differently about the long term. At Zimmermann headquarters, we live and work surrounded by nature and beautiful lakes in the green Allgäu. Respect for the environment, animals, and humans is in our DNA. It starts with small things like reducing waste, having efficient processes and recycling our products. Building a life cycle is important. We see sustainability as an essential aspect of our long-term plans.