On the road to success for 70 years

Back in 1953, as Werner Zimmermann founded an enterprise that manufactured yarns for swimwear, sock tops and underwear cuffs, he already had ambitious goals. Continued development and progress have always been important elements of his corporate strategy which is still a success. It did not take long to see the progress: The building in Riederstraße was constructed in 1961 and expanded in 1968. A new production hall was built in 1980.

To stay well-prepared for the future, the partnership with the Geiger group of companies was sealed in 1991. As a result of this strategically valuable union, in 1997 Zimmermann took the opportunity to expand its capacities.

In 2006 the Zimmermann brand Novonic® was awarded the Bavarian Innovation Prize. Novonic transforms excellent basic yarns into extraordinarily high-performance Novonic® yarns. These can be used in various applications, e.g., in medical products for the sensory monitoring of cardiovascular functions, in technical yarns for the transfer of data or heat, for protective equipment which is resistant to cutting or fire, as well as for home and clothing textiles, which, for example, shield against electromagnetic radiation.

To further boost its market presence and to expand its production, in 2008 Zimmermann acquired an additional production site in Aichach.

Ten years later, in 2018, Zimmermann expanded its production activities also to other countries. Having acquired DynaYarn in North Carolina, USA, the company built up an additional site overseas and thus firmly established its successful position also in the international textile market.

For decades, Zimmermann has been true to its quality standard without compromise – a recipe for success that has proven its worth. So, in 2023 the company celebrates its 70th anniversary and proudly looks back at many things already achieved – while eagerly anticipating further accomplishments.


Foundation by Werner Zimmermann; areas of application: swimwear, sock tops, underwear cuffs


Construction of the building in Riederstraße, Simmerberg


Expansion of the company building


Construction of a new production hall


Zimmermann taken over by the Geiger group of companies


Expansion of capacities


The Bavarian Innovation Prize for Novonic


Foundation of Zimmermann Garne Aichach


Acquisition of DynaYarn – own production in North Carolina, USA


70th anniversary


Renovation of the administration building and the roof


Handover from Hans-Peter Mauch to Michael Schmidt